Admiral are back.  They possibly never went away, but it feels like they did, and now we're aware of their presence once again.
And the order of the day is retro.  Several other, it wouldn't be unfair to say, more famous brands have distinctive retro styled divisions and it would be surprising if Admiral eschewed that approach.  In that spirit, we give you the Admiral Retro Milan Track Top.
On first viewing of the jacket you're immediately taken back to the 70s, and it looks genuine.  The pitfall with the retro (small 'r') approach is often the temptation to "soften" the outdated look and compromise on cuff and collar size - to pander to the contemporary status quo.  Not so here.  Research into modern markets and their limits has surely been undertaken, and I'm not about to get out a ruler, but to the naked eye it looks of a bygone age, and once on and zipped up, it carries like an olden days original, from the familiar rubbing on the underside of the chin to the polyester/cotton mix sheen.  Having worn more vintage jackets than I care to mention, I can vouch for the authentic cut, but from the socially-acceptable-in-2014 end of the range.
The top also excels via the details.  The felt, oversized logo on the chest transports you back to a replica-shirt laden childhood - though how many washes it will withstand remains to be seen - and the pockets, perhaps as a concession to the modern age, are perfectly situated, and their mere presence is welcome when many omit them as an oversight.  One more nice touch is the mini logo'd zip slider - surely incurring far greater manufacturing costs than a perhaps more historically accurate YKK version would have, but the thought is certainly appreciated.
Overall, with the block colour chest stripe so recently en vogue - the navy, red and white jacket even brings to mind the recently released USA Away shirt - and the authenticity of the whole effect, it's a great jacket, and at a price comparable with getting hold of an forty-year-old example, without having to worry about the care of previous owners!