We've reviewed several items from Admiral's new ranges over the last few days and found them all to be pretty stylish.  Well here's a polo shirt from the football-centric manufacturer.  A £50 polo shirt.
And that more-or-less sums it up.  It is a polo shirt, of that there can be no debate - you can tell from the little button-up collar, see - and it's 100% cotton, assuming that's a thing that's still important to people.  Beyond that, squint and it looks a little like a boob tube, or perhaps a nod to Geri Halliwell's non-Union Jack dress from the 1997 Brit Awards, slipping down precariously.  What I mean is, should it not be clear, the white at the top is too much of a contrast with the dark red and navy sections lower down.  Or is it just me?
It's a quality product, no doubt, but often with quality products the wearer has to take on the responsibility of bringing comparative levels of quality to the table.  This wearer didn't, so the slim cut is unforgiving.  Lose the paunch, work on the pectorals and this, I'm sure, will look fine.
That said, for the price, the namemark-less Admiral logo - on my example at least - has been stitched on slightly askew, which is a shame.  As are the non-branded buttons.  The zips on the Retro range track tops are little versions of the famous naval rank insignia motif, but no such attention to detail here.
Don't get me wrong, you get what you pay for in this life - so I'm reliably told - and this must be up there with the Lacoste, Hugo Boss, Fred Perry et al tops it is surely echoing.  In fact, those brands are all beloved of football casuals, and what could be more "football casual" than an "Admirably British" polo shirt?  This pricey little number is just begging to have a lager top spilt on it, with dire consequences to ensue.