Unforgotten: a new collection inspired by the story of 1966’s missing team. For Spring/Summer 2018 Umbro has delved into its 94-year footballing history and discovered a long-lost world cup story that’s never been told. Until now. Back in 1966 Harold Humphreys, Umbro’s founder, decided that Umbro would dominate that year’s world cup in England. His son John travelled the world to strike deals with the sixteen competing teams to wear Umbro. However, when the tournament started, only fifteen nations did.

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The USSR did not wear the agreed Umbro kit and the design was lost to history. The recent discovery of this story became the inspiration for Unforgotten, Umbro’s Spring/Summer 2018 collection. With this year’s world cup in Russia, the timing couldn’t be better with Unforgotten hitting the sweet spot where retro sportswear meets Russian streetwear.

Taking inspiration from 1960s Soviet design attributes, the Unforgotten collection has a distinctive aesthetic: strong, functional and single-minded.

The ‘Lev’ range, named after the legendary Soviet Goalkeeper Lev Yashin, has black as the predominant colourway, inspired by his nickname of the Black Spider, which came from his innovative, athletic play and the fact that he always wore black from head to toe.